I’m cold…

My oh my. It is getting awfully cold in Coventry right now. We are rapidly descending into the abyss of British winter, where temperatures are so extreme that no intelligent life can be sustained. That is, not without lots of warm clothing and hot beverages…

For me this isn’t a problem, I see it as a golden opportunity to drink more tea than ever! However it does present another problem, heating. As a student such a luxury is sparingly enjoyed, for one simply cannot afford to run the heaters on full throughout the season. Once again I can cope with that, but something tells me that some of my house-mates will not fare so well.

But I digress, that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

No, today I wish to announce a few things to you, but when I say announce I really mean harass your inbox with updates on my life. Granted you do not wish to read them, but it is good practice for me to document at least some of my second year work. It’s a habit I have fallen out with as of late, because I’d rather be doing something a little more interesting, like writing short stories, making films or, god forbid, actually study (Don’t panic mum, that was a joke). So once again, I will provide you fine people a link to my other blog: NoobyScribe, where Krueger’s adventures continue to unfold before our very eyes in the fourth instalment of ‘Blue Ruin’. It’s also worth noting that I’ll be throwing a few stand-alone pieces up on that space every now and again too, just to keep things interesting.

In addition, my musical space, NoobyMuzo will be seeing a little more activity rather soon. I have been on a hunt for new music, particularly artist’s whose geographic origin exceeds that of our nation’s borders. I think I’m on the right track, because my YouTube advertisements are rarely in English any-more. That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

But perhaps most note-worthy of all is my latest achievement/undertaking. The international society, Viva La Fiesta runs events up and down the UK. Their student ran correspondent society for Coventry, ‘One World Society’ has recently handed their blog over to me (for better or for worse). Their society has been on the decline a little lately and they are looking to reboot their project. So, being the good Samaritan that I am, I offered my assistance with updating the blog, writing for them and keeping an eye on things. I can’t tell you how much of a pain that has been so far though; this society is a professionally ran project, so I was expecting their blog to reflect that. It… was a shambles. No offence, but it looked bad, and it read even worse. The posts were few and far between, and they lacked any interest whatsoever. No wonder no-one read it. I think I can fix it, but it’s going to take a while. I have written the latest post, marking a new chapter in the society’s life, hopefully I can make something of a difference. For an official blog it lacks views! Would you all care to rectify that?

And finally, my course. What can I say? It stills feel like some of us are working harder than others, but I guess that will show in the long run. There is a lot of practical and professional work on the way, I’ll share any of the finished products on here. That’s about it, I’m calling it a day now, I understand the clocks go back tonight, meaning an extra hour. That’s an episode of Dexter.

NoobyTendencies, signing off.


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Recently graduated from Coventry University BaHons First-Class Media & Communications Complete with a year of studies overseas (Karlstads Universitet, Sweden) Experienced content creator, videography, photography & graphics. For more information contact cyclonerepublic@gmail.com Ask for a digital copy of my portfolio!

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