A day to be reckoned with.

“Ladies and gentlemen, students. Proud people of the CCM faculty, of the clandestine Ellen Terry. Today is our day of reckoning, our re-immersion, another baptism of fire.

Make no mistake, from this point onwards we are playing for keeps, everything we do counts and every mistake will be fiercely rooted out. There is no room for error any more. 

A myriad of obstacles and challenges will be thrown at us from every corner, with every possible scenario considered and at every inconvenient time imaginable, so it shall be up to us to rise above it and ultimately be greeted with success!”

Okay, in all seriousness a Monday morning  is never this epic, even if it is the first day back for the ‘returners’.

Nonetheless this is nerve-racking day for me and quite likely many others on the course, despite having a calm exterior that suggests ‘nothing has changed’, we are entering a much more intense course, a whole new creature – so to speak.

Already we’ve been hit  with the perils of choice; the second year has an emphasis on professional development, and so we delve deeper into the precarious world of action and consequence, where everything we do could be the difference between employable victory, or humiliating failure.

Or perhaps I am worrying too much, time will tell. In the meantime I am off to my second lecture of the day. Good luck to anyone else who has started their course today!!!


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