The Not-So-Blair Witch Project

As promised, the Infamous P.O.V parody has been uploaded today for your viewing pleasure. Now as many of you will know the ‘Blair Witch Project’ was greeted with a less than satisfactory reception from the general public, as its ‘experimental ambiguity’ (personified by shaky camera work, mind games and a lack of any  on-screen content) was not fully appreciated. It would be fairly safe to say that the creators’ anticipation and the viewers’ expectations were not on the same level.

Of course, there are P.O.V films out there that are terrifying, or are incredibly well sculpted (such as the Spanish ‘REC’ series or the American war drama, ‘Redacted’). It was just a little too early for Blair Witch to be as ambitious as it was (in regards to the evolution of the ‘Recovered Footage’ sub-genre).

So, in the spirit of making the best of an idle day (with good weather) Manny1212 and I parodied the film that started the craze badly, a horror film that went down in the books as a ‘how not to’ example for future generations of low-budget film-makers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…

The Not-So-Blair Witch Project.


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