Sometimes, the easiest things to explain are also the hardest.

I’m pretty indecisive at the best of time, so when it came to me trying to explain my thoughts and feelings today (Friday), things got rather abstract.

As you may or may not know I have been in Coventry for the past week (despite my wholesome wish against it) to see an accommodation fiasco put to bed. The problem with these kind of situations is there is a lot of ‘nothing-to-do’; more often than not I found myself looking for a reply from the other side, and that’s it.

The focus of my day(s), waiting and stagnating (hehe, that rhymes). I had gone a week without any major stimulus, without caffeine and without a purpose beyond the time-killing, and it was beginning to take its toll. The ever distracting ‘bee of inner turmoil’ feeds off this idleness and grows more unruly, whizzing around within my head and making it harder to do anything at all. Every time I tried for clarity the ‘bee’ got in the way, this non-existent fiend had me cursing myself for losing motivation.

 This little effigy represents my idleness as an antagonist, something to fear and hate equally. The search for its weakness is a fruitless one, and the struggle against it is an ongoing one.
Oh, and did I mention I drew it myself? 🙂

So, increasingly unusual metaphors is one way of  explaining the more ambiguous topics. Another method is simply over-thinking and over-explaining things. This by all means is a poor approach, however it does serve as an abundant food for thought.

It is advised that this particular dish is taken with a serving of reality, to cleanse the palate and prevent brain-ache. This is a most undesirable side effect which can occur if you delve too far into your own thoughts, think of it as ‘intellectual indigestion’ for future reference. The best way to alleviate ‘intellectual indigestion’ is to come back up for air and to go at your own pace.

And then there are much simpler ways to explain the emotions of thought. Or should I say convey and mediate? ‘Memes’ and ’emoticons’ in particular spring to mind, because they are a universally recognised system of images that help explain what we cannot put into words. If in doubt these serve as a great accompaniment to any conversation, to fortify your intentions or sentiment. But beware, rely on them too much and you could find yourself in a situation where you cannot cope without them, thus becoming socially inept.

Is this all making sense to you?

I dread to think what you must make of me as I rant on about utter nonsense. Perhaps it would be good for me to close this rambling episode with a conclusive end product?

An example of me trying to use all three methods to explain the change of emotions and motivation experienced in one particularly average day. Unfortunately it doesn’t make an awful lot of sense…

At least I tried…


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One response to “Sometimes, the easiest things to explain are also the hardest.”

  1. THEROZIT says :

    i was watching all of your vlogs and reading all of your posts like i always do….and basicly i just think there amazing and there is simply nothing more to add but i cant beleive you included my ugly face in that video of the wheat field in are scoping sessions!

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