Bad Legs

Well it has been another sizeable gap since the last post and my excuse for it is rather unbelievable. Right now I am sat at a table with gauze and bandages around my legs, I look like a half assed mummy and feel like an idiot.

Are you familiar with Blandford flies? If you are you will know how much trouble they can cause you after a few bites. I came across them  whilst I was looking for shot locations, but it wasn’t until I had returned home that I realised the extent of the situation.

It has been a most unpleasant experience, one which has taught me never to underestimate the risks of wearing shorts. I have spent the last few days feeling sorry for myself, whilst I take antibiotics and antihistamines. It appears as though I have had a rather nasty reaction to the bites, which in turn triggered some sort of infection. Surging joint pain and glandular swelling like nothing you’ve ever seen. It was so bad we even decided to pay the hospital a visit, during which the doctor jokingly exclaimed his shock. Perhaps this all justifies my idleness, if it does not I wholeheartedly apologize.

I’ll probably be a bit unreliable for the rest of the week, so in the meantime I give you the following: Amateur photography and musical parodies.

Yes the weekend (before the fly attack) was very productive; it involved a summery search for shot locations in the countryside, which digressed into photography in the evening.

(The rest of the photos can be found on my Flickr Photo-stream:

And it also involved me writing and playing a musical parody with my sister. After finding a couple of acoustic guitars we starting messing about, and before we knew it we had a song. The singing was improvised but it was funny all the same. If you want to check it out just go to my YouTube channel, or click the blue link in the ‘Bad Legs’ video.

I don’t know why or where these weird ideas come from, just look at ‘For The Jazz’. Sometimes being idle for too long makes the imagination a little unorthodox…

There’ll be more posts when I feel up to it. In the meantime, watch the space!


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