The catch-up.

It’s been a long week, I’ve learnt a lot, but I’m exhausted. Honestly there is a lot I’d like to say in this post, but I’m feeling the ‘catch-up’. The ‘catch-up’ is that point in the week (which can occur at any time) when you realise how tired you actually are. Generally it is a delayed realisation, as one finds themselves far too busy to even consider the possibility that they are fatigued.

We all suffer from the ‘catch-up’ from time to time, and we all have our own ways of coping with it. Quite often the best way to get through this is by sleeping, simply shutting off and having one massive snooze to compensate for the growing deficit of lost hours. Another way to ride out the ‘catch-up’ is by taking a break or two; taking it easy and keeping things simple can recharge the batteries just as effectively.

But, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are too preoccupied with the pressing schedule to quell the ‘catch-up’. I think I speak for all of us when I say it can be too easy to just keep going, to keep telling yourself “I’ll ease up later”. There are those situations where rest is rather low down on the list of priorities; for instance (in my case) there is still one talk (at the Hay Festival) left to see, and several write-ups I’d like to finish before I take a break.

The problem with this ‘catch-up’ is it is always hovering around somewhere, and if you don’t see to it then it will ruin your day. You see, fatigue can reach a point where you are beyond being physically tired, leading you to believe that you are in-fact fine.

currently I do not feel tired, but I do feel unusually distracted, I am struggling to put sentences together and everything seems to get on my nerves. There was nothing wrong about today, but the ‘catch-up’ made me so fed-up it didn’t seem that way.


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