Terry Pratchett at the Hay Festival.

Okay, I’m still lagging behind when it comes to the blog posts, I’ve been too pre-occupied with the daily videos. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to step back and just say how happy I was just to see Terry Pratchett talk about his career (and life as a writer) in Hay. Such a remarkable individual, and so determined to keep delivering star material for his fans despite his growing case of Alzheimer’s disease.

He is an inspiration to any aspiring writer; so many marvel at his ability to sculpt fictional worlds with such depth and conviction, yet even with this huge stockpile of accolade Terry has gathered over the years he remains impeccably modest, and humbled before his fans.

That makes it even sadder to see him deteriorate. granted he is coping for now, but it was clear that he was struggling to recall information at times. He’s a determined man, with so much left to do with his remaining time, but even he is uncertain how much long it will be before he loses the ability to work any longer. I think the whole experience was made even more emotional, having seen his documentary ‘Choosing to Die’ prior to the talk.

Despite this ailment, Terry’s works continue to grow with new releases (including the already successful ‘snuff’). Truly committed to his fictional creations (and doing everything in his power to see his projects through), the man sets an example for others to follow. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say “If I had a fraction of his talent I’d be set!”, although he insists that emerging authors should keep original (forget trying to write like him or anyone else) and just go for it. Sound advice, what are you (or I) waiting for? Carpe Diem!


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