Literary Enlightenment.

Well, it’s a Friday. I’m sat in the library, reading and waiting. That’s all one can do for now. You see, I may have finished my modules but there is still the hassle and bother  of moving out, or more specifically confirming the various ‘luggage’ arrangements and check outs.

So I read a lot to pass the time. I have found myself in a phase of rediscovery as a writer (that sounds hugely pretentious), as I come to terms with what I lack and what I must master to make use of the ‘creativity hamster’, that is currently trapped inside my oversized head, struggling to communicate with the outside world through amateurish scribblings of unrefined lexicon. Okay, perhaps it’s not a hamster. Perhaps it’s an administration ran entirely by tiny cats in ties, rushing around with paper-work and having board meetings, for all I know it could be anything. Whatever’s in there it’s stumbling around, heavy-handedly trying to master the precariously tuned workings of my physical, academic and social existence.

The cat administration, that could very likely be running my entire life

Moving on before I digress any further, it seems I am verging on that ‘eureka’ moment the more I read this particular book by Robert McKee. Unlike any previous publication I may have delved into I have not been doped up by unrealistically positive, ‘sugar-coated’ rhetoric: I have not been pushed through a procession of endless kicks to the writer’s ego and depressingly taught to be both the ‘messiah of literature’ and the greatest sell-out. This book is actually educating me; it’s feeding the ‘cat administration’ (I promise, no more wacky metaphors) a colourful dish of “let me help you out with that ‘thing’ you’ve been stuck on!”

In a funny sort of way Robert McKee is equipping me with those nuggets of knowledge I really didn’t grasp. There’s a number of concepts and notions (that are in no way formulaic) I will have to come to terms with, if I want to really make any of my side projects three-dimensional, and more importantly something that people would connect with.

It’s not about the theory or the formula that the lecturers throw at you, it’s about you understanding the metalanguage of the story itself. The character, the universe and the execution; not only do they need to come together in perfect harmony, but they also need to be fleshed out to an extent that is not too abstract, but at the same time fresh and enriching. In a nutshell I need to craft a story that the reader (or audience) can see their reflection within, only then will it be both gripping and memorable.

Interjection, interjected.


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