It’s finally over. The first year of my degree is done and I can’t believe how fast it went.  I was too busy working with a brilliant bunch of people to notice the clock spinning away on the wall. The final essay assignment was submitted successfully, and although some of us may not have slept very much, we were pretty confident with what we handed in.

Then came the ‘Oscars’, the long process of watching every single group’s work (sadly some of the group’s were unable to get there work shown, in particular CCM’s own ‘Jamie-Jay’ group). It was an interesting process, but it had the propensity to grow tiresome at times (especially when many groups opted for the ‘generic’ approach). We finally got the chance to unveil our silent films that we had all been tinkering away on, I was amazed how different they all were (well at least our class’s ones anyway). It was very hard telling a story in such small time, especially without sound. But we all tried our best; looking back our idea may have been rather ambitious, but you may be able to figure out the story all the same (the trick is to pause over the letters! read what you can and use your head!)

Without further ado, I give you ‘The Sarin Conspiracy’.

I have to admit the CMM class (without any bias whatsoever!) were the best by far. So many fantastic ideas that, by the end of it all I was thoroughly impressed. In my eyes everyone in our class was winner – the competition was so entertainingly fierce! Much to my surprise our group’s poem video took one of the three Oscars, which I honestly did not expect to happen. Many of the other videos were similar to the one I produced – making use of emotive stock footage (which I had spent a long time picking out and matching to the words)  and  trying to read the poem out in an eerie way. Clearly our video did it the best, which felt great.

After that, the majority of our class celebrated at Nando’s: Some joked and laughed over particular memories from the year, a few engaged in conversation over the true meaning behind one another’s productions (including heated debates over euthanasia, abortion and choice) whilst others simply tucked in. One by one we parted ways,  by this point I was absolutely exhausted. I got back sometime in the late afternoon, and didn’t wake up until the next day.

When you sleep through a day and a night you wake up somewhat disoriented. I, for example had no idea what the date was.

I sit here now, still trying to grasp the 5 months that lie ahead of me. Such an abundance of time, it’s like a blank canvas. Now I have to figure out how I’m going to use it.

Whatever it is, I’m going to spend the time well.

NoobyTendencies, signing off.


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One response to “Awake”

  1. mandy says :

    ah son am proud of you and you should be too….. . ..hurrah. Before you know it you will have graduated, enjoy the months ahead and take your foot off the gas just a touch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx be good to have you home 🙂

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