Jazzy distractions.

A few days ago I was babysitting my younger sisters whilst my mum reluctantly left us to our own devices. At first glance the evening looked to be an uneventful one as we casually ate slices of cold pizza and drifted in and out of states of homework focus, but the jazz took a hold of us within minutes of it playing. A rather quirky post jazz ensemble called ‘Partisans’ fueled our irrational imaginations, and in an hour our procrastination had gone from idle to childishly creative. The mood of the evening was altered to one with a purpose, and we set about planning ‘something to do’.

We were so caught up in the jazz inspired distraction that our creation was not finished until two days later. The finished product was not what any of us expected, and if anything it made us wonder how strange our imaginations can be. It went from ‘something to do’ to ‘the undertaking we must finish’. I spent too many hours editing this, but it is quite entertaining (if not a little bizarre).

‘For the Jazz’ was animated, designed, written and directed by all of us (NoobyTendencies, Manny1212, TheRozit), but I take the credit for the editing (I stayed up until the early hours putting it together and working out the kinks)

To check out my sisters’ blogs go here!

Manny1212 – http://manny1212.deviantart.com/

TheRozit – http://therozit.tumblr.com/

Look for yourself. See what idleness and jazz can do to the mind!



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