The weird part of Youtube, again and again.

We’ve all been there, intentionally or accidentally. You click a few related videos and before you know it you have traipsed into the bizarre alley of the video hosting world, with your innocence unguarded and your subconscious questioning the very logic of humanity. It has occurred to me that idleness or too much time on your hands can bring out the weirdest habits of humanity, shedding light onto the darkest reaches of the imagination. It surprises me how some of them are able to avoid flagging and removal, but in all honesty they are more than often lost in the ocean of user uploads, safe from intervention.

It is quite likely that I have barely scratched the surface of what lies beneath the shiny surface of the ‘user friendly’ ‘vlogosphere’, but frankly I’m glad. The things I have seen cannot be named or categorized in any normality.

Take the loveable beach bum ‘ShoeNice22’. This is a man who is in his forties; he lives off a disability benefit and spends his time eating or drinking things that should have hospitalised him ages ago. His disturbing childlike stare coupled with his intoxicated tone of voice makes for a very surreal experience from the word go, but when he does something like ‘slam’ a bottle of Absolut vodka in fifteen seconds or eat a dozen raw eggs (shells included) one is rendered utterly speechless. Strangely enough I felt compelled to watch more of his videos, and it was through this that I discovered he is divorced with a son, comes from a family with a history of drugs and shoddy upbringings and from what I gather he is sad, lonely soul (hidden behind childlike antics). I feel sorry for him, because every ‘stunt’ I witness leads me closer to the belief that he is a man who has simply given up on life, and his every action is in defiance to the restraints of socially acceptable behaviour.

Then there is the more well-known ‘oddballs’, such as the infamous animator David Firth, responsible for ‘Salad Fingers’, ‘Devvo’ and the highly disturbing ‘Spoilsbury Toastboy’. These are definitely some of the creepiest cartoons ever made. They must be, you’d have to try pretty hard to top some of his creations as far as I know…

And of course there are the strange YouTubers that gain recognition after bigger channels talk about them. Take Tonetta for example. There was a time when this man was taking over the music scene on-line, with his highly controversial and downright obscene songs and home-made videos that accompanied them. Make no mistake, there is nowhere to look once you have opened a Tonetta video…

^ That is about as much of Tonetta as I will allow onto this post, even this is a little unsettling for me. However once you have watched a few of his videos you have seen them all, as their melody is practically identical and the song lyrics are deliberately provocative. Needless to say this man won’t be striking a major record deal any time soon.

The internet is full of surprises, sort of like a jack-in-the-box. It has the tendency to be rather abject, and somewhat unforgettable. If only I could ‘unsee’ some of this stuff!


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One response to “The weird part of Youtube, again and again.”

  1. kaleighsomers says :

    Hahah I have to say I randomly find these videos and have to watch. Who thinks to do that? I interned over the summer and most of the guys at my internship would pull up videos of these guys chugging multiple four lokos in a few seconds, which just seems like you’d pass out or die.

    Just goes to show that you can find everything on YouTube these days. Someone’s watching it, I guess.

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