A taster of what’s to come.

So today was the first workshop for the 183MC module, and straight away I had a good feeling about it. The fact that the emphasis was on practical work from the word go appealed to me quite a bit, so when we started the workshops I knew our group would hit the ground running. I was grateful for gaining the ability to choose who I grouped up with, it didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted to team up with the hard-workers from my 180MC group. My only concern is the odd structuring of the module; I guess  all we can do is keep keen and try to be the first to get to work, with such a high concentration of groups all vying for the limited equipment and spaces the competition will be tougher than ever.

So what is our first task? Well its a little more like the work of 105MC, less theory and more production. We have been tasked with creating a 30 second radio advertisement of a product, and if we fail we shall be ‘fed to the lions’. That’s a step up from the ‘Lost In Coventry’ task, or even the 72 hour challenge because other tasks will be introduced over the next few weeks. This means if we are un-organised we will become swamped, with our tasks overlapping. There is also a juicy 5000 word essay waiting for us at the end- we aren’t taking any chances, we are starting as soon as we get into the studio. Anyway, back to the first workshop.

It was a day of being ‘shown the ropes’ as it were. Interestingly enough it was a very relaxed vibe but I was acutely aware of the pressure waiting around the corner. Finally getting to try out some specialized equipment made my day, and I think it made everyone else’s’. Being a CCM student you have to come to terms with the sad state of affairs that is the ‘limited access’. We are being taught to use our minds, not professional gear. Hopefully this module will show us a little leeway in that respect, because I think I speak for many of us when I say it gets somewhat frustrating when the other students are handling Z5’s or taking out DSLR’s at their leisure.

I’d never really heard my own voice, well at least not in a acoustically tuned recording booth. I was surprised when Paul Adkins (the tutor) turned to me and said I have a ‘radio voice’… Not bad!

There is much to be done. This module is a ‘hands on’ practice through and through, but it will be demanding none the less. On the bright side this is a chance for us to really do something amazing, provided our group can step up to the plate.



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One response to “A taster of what’s to come.”

  1. sarifalive.com says :

    Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there
    be a part 2?

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