Homage to Romero.

Well it’s been a week since any post or page, and I am aware that my blogging efforts have been somewhat lacking. I promise you this is not a rut I will stay in for long as tomorrow I am returning to Coventry, and that shall see a return to my work.

It has daunted on me that the deadline for the blog submission looms, which brings on mixed feelings. I am both apprehensive and excited about finally getting the chance to show my work, but I fear I may have executed the task in a such a way that veers a little too much from the format they expect. I do not wish to provide a monotonous regurgitation of knowledge, as people won’t read it and I will not develop from this. However I feel I should have discussed my learnings more often in Vlog form, and in a reflective tone. What’s done is done, I shan’t risk appearing disorganised by bombarding the space with last-minute pieces on what the module lecturers may or may not appreciate.


In other news I am in need of a new imminent side project to work on. After making the executive decision to not publish my previous project in any way, shape or form I have been left with a touch of idleness. Over the past few months I had  dedicated much of my free time researching and cataloguing facts and figures that expose something of a sinister motive behind the Western Governments and the world economy, without the risk of shooting my credibility in the foot one could call this a ‘debunked conspiracy theory’, known to some as the  ‘New World Order’. My findings were shocking as they were empirical and it led to my extended pondering over the fate of such a discovery; as I said before I chose not to present my discovery and the reasons for that are simple…

Firstly, it would run the risk of damaging my professional credibility should any oppositional readings arise from my presentation, and secondly it could cause something of a derogatory association: If anyone were to read or share my work it could unintentionally propagate a preconception over the content of my page; AdamIsAtCoventry is an unrestrained space on which I talk about anything and everything, the last thing I would want would be a hovering label of ‘doom and gloom’ forever staining the rest of my work before it touches the screens of the reader.

Ironically enough my next project to focus on is also something of a ‘doom and gloom’ piece. Yet it is so in a fictional way. I wanted to start something that would have an actual finished product within a year (my course and long-term side projects are ongoing but will last for years), and I wanted to work on something that could show off both film-making and powerful story telling. I am a huge George Romero fan so naturally I wanted to throw in a certain homage twist. The result is a Zombie film; yes I have decided to begin plans for a short zombie flick, hopefully to be finished around Halloween time at the latest.

What better way to start my proper film making career than with an explosive horror tribute to the man who started it all, and converted me into a ghoul film fanatic?

Only I want to do things a little differently. I don’t want to churn out a bog standard flesh chomping action piece with cheesy one liners and surplus-to-requirement head-shots. I want to make a zombie film with a different feel, looking at things in a bit of a different light. Everyone instantly delves into the screaming and the shooting, no-one constructs any three-dimensional protagonists or multi-strand plots. There’s a reason zombie films are an overlooked and antiquated genre, but I want to prove it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s back to the notebook again with a new idea, the brain has kick-started with creativity and I am ready for my next university module. It’s time to get the ball rolling again, but I shall say no more of my new pet project until later, for fear I should ruin the surprise.

Expect regular posts once again from now on.


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Recently graduated from Coventry University BaHons First-Class Media & Communications Complete with a year of studies overseas (Karlstads Universitet, Sweden) Experienced content creator, videography, photography & graphics. For more information contact cyclonerepublic@gmail.com Ask for a digital copy of my portfolio!

2 responses to “Homage to Romero.”

  1. Erebus Horror says :

    Always good to delve into the zombie sub genre. It’s the safest place to develop an idea within the world of horror. Hence the reason there are so many of them – Nobody gets bored of it! There must be hundreds of zombie-related books and movies yet horror fans still love to sink their teeth into each and every one.

    By adding a uniqueness to your project, you’re sure to amass a great deal of interest.

    I look forward to keeping up with this!

    • noobytendencies says :

      @Erebus Horror, thank you very much! Any interest from a fellow horror fan is much appreciated. I will be starting the writing process within a few weeks, provided my concept is put together well enough, in the mean-time watch the space!

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