Thus begins the fast.

Despite the various weather forecasts’ highly deluded proclamations of sunshine in the near future and the signs of spring being upon us I find myself still sealed in what seems to be the eye of a truly miserable storm. This is as we all know the very typical condition of such a dismal concrete woodland; I have decided that ‘concrete jungle’ is far too exotic a name to be accurate at all, a cold and wet woodland would be more suited,  confounded and best avoided. Yet amongst the harassment  of vortex winds and shrapnel rain there sits one hopeful asset, one optimistic truth: It is with the lack of any better place to be or stake to gain being ‘out and about’ that the writer finds their strongest ally, solitude.

Solitude permits a writer the companionship they require to trek across the page without fear of distraction or procrastination. Solitude persuades imagination to leap from wherever she may hide, and dance freely in the mind of whoever bears her. Solitude keeps me sealed up in this box whilst mother nature batters the windows and the streets below.

So, given this opportune time I have devoted some of the day to continue with my various side projects, and some coursework later on in the evening. In fact, in case you did not know this is coursework season; this is the time to quote-un-quote “Nut up or Shut up.” So that’s what I’m doing, and that’s why there isn’t an awful lot going up on the Blog for now.

As I have reassured you all many times before this is not something to worry about, or anything of that nature. After all, I’m sure you are all as busy as I am. We all find ourselves in an ant-hill of plans, a current of priorities that carry us through the day without so much as an outstretched branch to reach for.

Fear not though, for we do have some control in our lives. And fortunately for us all we have an opportunity to prove this to ourselves and be reminded that we are still in the driver’s seat, the Christian forty day fast – Lent.

I’m not a devout Christian, I never have been. But I do believe in people, keeping faith, and inner strength. I believe that people should from time to time remind themselves that there is more to life than what you do for a living, and what you buy. I know it may be hard for some people, but just remind yourself that you are a human being and not a robot. Regardless of faith or creed, ‘people’ should believe in people, have faith for all the incredible things we can do, have done and what we face in life. You have to take the rough with the smooth however, don’t let me try to sugar coat things.

So Lent for me is about proving to myself that I can do this, I can take control and be different. Not because a scripture told me to, because I told myself! I’m not an Atheist, I’m not trying to show off, I’m doing this for me. Any hardship you endure will make you stronger, it may be character defining or it may improve you physically. I’m giving up alcohol, bread, meat and eBay. Normal things that are part of our life; we don’t notice how much we consume them, or how much time we may waste on them. Sometimes breaking from a routine is all we really need, just enough to look up from the ground, and remember that YOU are in control!

I wish luck to all those who are making sacrifices for Lent.


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