Just like that.

Good morning! Oh, good lord I have overslept. I don’t know what it is about Wednesday, but it seems hard-wired into my body clock that I must sleep in until a ridiculous hour. So here we are in the day after Tuesday/valentines, some of us are miserably sober, some are miserably hung over. Either way we are all forced to take a long look at ourselves and ask “What am I doing with my life?”, naturally this is courtesy of the mass media frenzy in which we spend another day rushing around the ant’s nest, only this time we have to deal with the bitter-sweet taste of conventional loneliness, rejection and the even the stress of ‘true love’.

One cannot help but snigger at the floods of committed guys and single girls who storm the supermarkets for last-minute cards, roses or ice-cream and romantic comedies. I stand back and watch from a safe distance as this consumer field day puts a big red heart-shaped stop sign on the world, but I can’t help noticing that there’s an awful lot of ‘romantic rejects’ and singletons standing by me on this day, and once they’ve finished watching the valentines panic they return to their Facebook accounts to spew some generic statement about their true feelings about being oh so alone on this magical day.

For the guys it generally goes like this: “F**k Valentines day! Waste of money and time, single and loving it!”

And the girls say something like this: “With my girlies! Sat watching the notebook with a chinese! Yumm! x”

But what they both really want to say is this: “Single on Valentines, lets cut the crap. Hookup? ;)”

Mind you, some do…

What did most people I know do on Valentines day? Nothing, we sat around and hovered on Facebook or spent the day working. Nothing major, just doing that thing we paid nine grand to do, what was it called again? Oh yeah, a degree. Sorry I was too wrapped up in valentine’s day, so many pretty colours…

Basically I couldn’t really care less about Valentines day. Can I go home to my family and friends on Valentines day? No. Can I have a month of celebrations and merriment? No. Can I dress as a moron and pester people or eat copious amounts of chocolate? Actually yes, both of those. But it’s not like I do those two things on their respective days anyway. But hey don’t let me put a downer on your celebrations, happy frivolities!


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One response to “Just like that.”

  1. mandy says :

    lol, my what a cynic you are becoming……………… well actually you just don’t have rose tinted glasses on me thinks. In my opinion valentines is a bit like xmas on a smaller parody. People in relationships feel ‘duty bound’ to gesture their undying love at that time, with a meaningless offering from a superstore or some commercial chain who have already, a year ago, done the ‘numbers’ on their forth coming profit of that seasonal consumer ingestion. Why? because it keeps the dollars coming in by blackmailing the stupid consumer into following the social conventions and expectations dictated to us by them. If you don’t partake in some form of gift/card exchange, your affection can be judged and leave you wanting…valentines is a time of expectation, anxiety and upset for just as many of those who receive a mass produced symbol of consumer induced affection. Couples left angry and rifts drawn for no other reason than that they did not get an external display of something, or that it was not enough on that one day! No wonder its a happy excuse for being single. We are, by nature, sociable creatures and all need some form of contact/love/bond, if our intentions are true and real, then why should one day a year mean so very much? Surely everyday should be ‘valentines day’, and not measured by material pleasantries, but by ones actions on a daily basis.
    I have to say that this sentiment baffles me at Christmas also; the mass hysteria of consumerism and improvidence, good will to all men, but only at Christmas! We are all guilty of over indulgence, angry shopping, a driven determination to make Christmas ‘nice’ by over spending and buying into the jolly red fat man ethos…..guess what, its not what you buy that makes Christmas ‘nice’, its sharing the love, taking time for each other, being together and just being nice all round that makes it. No amount of expense can buy that my friend. We are saturated with subliminal and down right in your face messages of how to buy Christmas, Valentines, mothers day, easter, fathers day, Halloween, the list goes on, that we have lost sight of what we are trying to say or do…..and sure as hell cannot say or do anything it seems unless it has cost something. What I am saying is don’t get sucked in, its not what you buy, its what you do, and you shouldn’t do it once a year, but every day!!

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