Oh UniLad, when will you learn?

Well I want to keep this short and to the point, I am tired and have a lot to do later. It’s been a relatively relaxed day of reading and running (well in the evening anyway) and it is almost time to get my head down for a snooze before more work. It was nice for my mind to be exercised on something other than course studies, you forget how good it is to get into a good book with no other worries.

So I was having a quick flick through news feeds before retiring when I found another article exposing the effects of the infamous ‘UniLad’ magazine. Now I don’t really have a lot of time for this publication anyway, the stupidity of the demographic is hidden behind ‘intellectually written’ articles on sex, alcohol and disregard for anything of real importance, but I see right past it. Now UniLad is already hanging precariously in the balance of public scrutiny due to their rape article scandal, but now their case of appeal has taken another blow after the closing of ‘Hooters’ in Bristol. For those who don’t know Hooters is a gentleman’s club restaurant type set up with a strict ‘look but no touch’ policy when it comes to their universally recognised workforce…

So a Hooters chain was shut down in Bristol simply due to unsuccessful turnover. However the local ‘lads’, in their Neanderthal-like rage have pointed the finger at feminist groups. In particular Sian Norris, a writer for the Guardian; she has taken a lot of hate since Hooters closed down. She claims that ‘haters’ are for the most part readers of UniLad.

I don’t want to be bias here but the likes of UniLad and other similar groups are totally to blame for this kind of behaviour. They get away with churning out this false view of the world, this inverted ideology that it is okay to drink yourself to death, it is okay to treat women like toys and bullying other people is ‘banter’. It vexes me terribly to see these corrupt cesspools of thought poison people’s minds in an irreversible way, and this has been the case for several generations now. Why is the entertainment sector allowed to continue normalising such perverse ways of thinking? Because it makes good money, fantastic…

Ultimately we cannot change any of this, and magazines like UniLad will make more ‘lads’, who in turn will do what they have been brainwashed to think is acceptable – preach obscenity and unintelligent naked hatred. Even if the ‘haters’ weren’t readers of UniLad they still carry the mentality that has been generated by those kinds of  magazine or television production. It’s propaganda at the end of the day, and its highly detrimental to our society.

That’s all I’m going to say on the matter, I needn’t take this any further.

Good night!


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