Chainsaw, anyone?

A truly bizarre video appeared on my YouTube feed a few minutes ago, CCTV footage of a twenty-four year old Dean Dinnen (allegedly on drink and drugs at the time) who decided to re-enter a pub brandishing a petrol powered chainsaw after he was asked to leave when he would not stub out his cigarette. Now I knew smoking was bad for you but this takes it to another level, he strolled in with a potentially lethal (not to mention absolutely terrifying) weapon and some deranged concept of revenge. You don’t need to be a genius to say with full confidence that this could have ended horrendously, the words chainsaw massacre spring to mind. During his truly surreal attack he struck one man, who later had to undergo surgery and has been left scarred for life. But fortunately the crazed human-lumberjack was seized by armed police before he could do any more harm, and later pleaded guilty in court. He is currently serving time in prison for his actions, with a mere three-year sentence before he returns to the streets. I’m not going into his meagre  prison sentence because this would turn into an all out rant, besides the footage of the attack that has surfaced is nearly a year old.

What’s so startling is the bravery of the pub goers who quite literally risked life and limb to defend themselves, the pub and the inhabitants as Dinnen revved on with a chainsaw. The footage of him in the pub looked like a rather one-sided bar fight, the sort you would expect to see in a ridiculous action film starring Steven Seagal fending off a crazed chainsaw wielding Van Damme. But hats off to those who plucked up the courage to fight the mad-man and then chase him away with barrels and stools, full respect! I can only imagine the terror of onlookers as a semi inebriated man walked down a street with a live chainsaw, like something out of a horror flick. I just hope no-one else gets any funny ideas, thinking they could be the next ‘Jason’ or ‘Leatherface’ and cause carnage in their local areas, because I personally think the Country has enough ‘anti-social’ problems to deal with, never mind power tool savagery…


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