Nice one.

Sometimes, you just have to stand back a bit and realise that things aren’t too bad after all, and that you’ve had a pretty good end of the week. Yes there is still much to be done, and much more to worry about, but all things considered I’m pretty satisfied right now.

My head cold and chest infection that refused to budge is finally showing me some decency by clearing up, and I’m feeling much better for it. My mind feels more like it should again, as opposed to being a short spanned pot of jelly. However I remain under the conclusion that it should have never pestered me in the first place. It was a severe hamper on my work and my side projects, nevertheless the momentum of progress is returning.

Our group had to present our week’s work on Friday, in front of a full class (some of whom I had never seen before) and a large contingent of foreign exchange students from china, who were participating in the lectures across the week. The Friday lecture was always my favourite lecture, not because it is shorter, not because I get a lie in, not because it’s a Friday. It’s because I really enjoy the module and the lectures; our assignment however was difficult and extensive, and the group were not what you could call organised. At first it seemed as if we had lost all hope, as our group is quite large, and no-one was co-operating, communicating or even agreeing or meeting up. My illness had left me in a foul mood across the week, and at some point I had simply had enough. Like the Friday group I was with last term I stepped in and took charge, I did a lot of the research, I decided what we were doing, I gave everyone jobs, I made sure people were involved, and in the end I stayed up until three in the morning going through the vast amounts of ‘research’ I was sent to put a presentation together. Between you and me I started the presentation from scratch, re-writing almost all of it too; the information was either too extensive or too general (which was frustrating). We were the last to present, other groups had done research on SOPA and on the Illuminati (fascinating stuff) and the audience was now somewhat weary: I was nervous, I thought we were going to fail miserably, but when we finally went up to present it all flowed in our favour. I left the seminar feeling pretty happy with my work, but totally unaware of the final grade. The next thing on the agenda was a solid three-hour band practice straight after the presentations, followed by an evening jog with flatmates. Busy, but just what I needed to unwind before a night out.

I found out later on, whilst drinking a few ‘casuals’ with flatmates as the pre night antics took full swing that we had been awarded a 1st (that’s an A*), and everyone else had either failed or got low 2.2’s or 2.1’s. My friend was as shocked as I was when he told me to check the feedback:

“Overall a really good presentation: you use a variety of sources, including material covered in other modules, and your slides are articulate and well written. Bravo for not just reading stuff off the screen!

Good use of De Certeau to explain riots. Very good analysis of the London riots vs. the Occupy movement in terms of who is using violence and how, the way different actors demonize and/or are demonized, and the pervasiveness of ideology. You rightly move beyond the good/bad guys binary towards a more nuanced, more “who’s the bad guys after all”, and you show awareness that gatekeeping is from all sides, that the web can be with the people or with the powerful alike and that ideological positions are diverse and attributable differently to all the various actors.” – The second paragraph was commenting on my piece, which was what I originally focussed on before putting the presentation together and everything else! So I’m pretty happy that this was acknowledged!

My evening had a purpose to celebrate, so we went out. The night had a few emotional explosions (typical by-product of alcohol and testosterone) but nothing we couldn’t shake off. And in the morning I woke up to a glorious bacon sandwich in my hands, and snow in the sky- brilliant!

I then logged into my wordpress account and noticed I have finally reached 1000 views, which was really the icing on the cake. So thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in my blog, it really means a lot to me!

It’s good end to the week in all. There is plenty more to worry about but for now I will spend the rest of my day enjoying the little things, just before I get back to it. Thank you once again readers and as always expect plenty more posts and pages coming up!


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