Blackouts? Censorship? Come on now, don’t throw all your toys out of the cot.

In the latest bid for glorious laissez-faire capitalism in all things, the American government is considering enforcing the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ upon all US-based internet services, sites and pages. In short if you stream free stuff or link to a movie etc you will get busted, flushed from the internet and jailed, hooray for America. 

So why are they introducing SOPA? Well, I could tell you if it wasn’t for this big censorship nonsense, unfortunately people who speak up will most likely get bullied. They don’t like people having free stuff, they don’t like freedom. Bit ironic really when it’s from the ‘Land of the Free’! But yeah that’s pretty much why. Oh, nevermind.

I don’t want to cause a flame war, but I can’t help but comment on the US gov’s increased interest to police bloody well everything, not just the oil reserves in Iran and Saudi Arabia, not with the internal affairs of Mexico and Europe, not just trimming down populations (I’ll explain more in another post!), now they want to police the internet, the new media, the very future lifeblood of our technologically dependent existence. You can throw as many ‘just causes’ as you want into the argument, this kind of policing simply cannot be done without undermining the entire structure of the world-wide web. Let us not forget all the various ‘just’ insertions into Vietnam and Afghanistan that destabilized local society and damage everything, A heavy-handed entity cannot take the needle from the hay stack without taking half the crop with it, history has shown us this. Why they would even consider this kind of approach to a body as un-quantifiable as the internet is literally beyond me, You can’t stop a hive mind by chopping off a few heads, because more will grow in their place and problem will shift elsewhere.

They have left it too late to introduce some sort of ‘cyber dam’ to the web, we have interacted and implemented ourselves into it for far too long. Social networking alone is something of a symbiotic life form that lives off of us as much as we live off it, you can’t hack it away because somewhere there is a few links to free films and a few illegal downloads of songs. The backlash would be simply devastating.

I have noticed quite an uproar against this entire business, many super-power sites are participating in a protest black out. But if you ask me this will make matters worse, you will only incite panic and anger amongst the digital generation, and anticipate the effects of ‘SOPA’ and ‘PIPA’. I can only hope that the government will realise the effects this could have on the internet, and come to their senses, because they will be turning the gun on themselves as much as us.

I suppose we should be grateful that the ‘key players’ in government overruled the plan to introduce ISP immunity to the ‘guilty websites’, which make websites disappear; this would be about as useful as punching holes into our fuel tanks, just as wasteful, and just as dangerous.

I take my hat off to politicians, they really know how to ruin a good thing. Sure companies will lose a fair share of money from the internet steams, but I can guarantee they would be worse off without it all together, especially nowadays. ‘Transumer’ culture (the process of taking what we want and when we want from the internet – a NON DEPLETING RESOURCE) is just the way things are; we can’t change that but why should we? We passed the point of safe return a long time ago, we’ve been tumbling down the rabbit hole ever since…


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