Post Week Ketchup…

I’m back! And might I add that you are look rather splendid on this rather fine day! Okay in all honesty I cannot actually see you, but I don’t doubt you look good!

Okay, that concludes the complements part of the post, step two is to return to the reality of the post and bore the now-captivated reader to the bottom of the page. I’m doing this by the book, people.

It has been one heck of a busy week for me, as you may well have gathered from my previous Blog post. Fortunately the end of the week is coinciding with me keeping to a schedule, so naturally I will reap something beneficial as a result (hmm, what could that be… Oh that’s right! A little bit of free time!). This duly reaped benefit will afford me some rarely appreciated peace of mind; the reassuring knowledge that I have been granted a Saturday free of assignments, course-works, group projects or anything else that could have a deadline slapped on it and thrown my way.  Yes, this little gem of a Saturday is mine to do with as I wish.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! This is a post carnage report of the closing week, a dash of post week ketchup.

Two things in particular had brought something of a miserable burden onto my sub-conscience, something that scraped at the very confines of my mind whenever I was not supplying it with my full concentration – My Business plans, and my Journalism team assignment. Merely two obstacles you may say, but they were oh-so-much more than two basic hurdles to overcome. I do not exaggerate when I liken them to dragging a sack of heavy stones up a winter hardened mountain; painful, exhaustive and reluctant to end. These challenges came in a juggling act with the rest of my studies and commitments, however a touch of optimism and a stack of caffeine saw me through to the end.

I found myself getting into mild panic over the course of the week, strongly believing I was missing a lecture or an important tutorial; alas it was merely my mind running away with me, hand in hand with the new module timetable. One thing I have noticed as a result of the second term is a time rift between me flatmates and myself. We may as well be living in totally different time-zones since we have returned from our Christmas merriment – never to see one another until the evenings, where the academic and the rave addled insomniac alike share a period of sleepless night-life. Sometimes I wake up and find I am fighting the urge to shout “HELLO?!” at the top of my voice, whilst walking around checking for signs of recent human activity in the flat (and yes, to all you savvy horror film fans out there that was a nod to the opening scenes of 28 days later…). Such is life I suppose, perhaps if I decided to saturate myself with vodka mixers and jagerbombs as often as some who will remain nameless I would wake up the same time as everyone else, maybe anyway.

On Wednesday  I acted on impulse and sat through my second Coventry Conversation, embittered by the overpriced Grolsch I had earlier purchased from the student union bar and feeling a slither of inebriation, I sat at the front and twiddled my pen to the tune of Judith Townend on Journalism versus Bloggers. Needless to say I had sobered up five minutes in and was scrabbling down notes like a mad man: So many golden nuggets of useful information, and all mine! I will definitely be spending a portion of my weekend digesting this wealth that has landed in my lap. And to all the media students out there who are at Coventry I will share this advice with you “GET YOUR ASSES TO THOSE COV CONS!” Seriously, for an hour of your time you meet a superpower of the media/journalism industry who will give you volumes of free information and advice on making it in the rat race of today, well worth it!

The week signed itself off with a final lecture earlier today, which I will very readily point out to be by far the most interesting lecture I have attended so far. That’s not a stab against my previous lecturers and module tutors (it has all been a truly fascinating experience for me so far), it is just that this lecture has left me looking at things a little differently (to say the least), and has tied together theories and perspectives I have been religiously reminded of, and applied them in a fantastic way. A truly remarkable experience this has been! and it has totally restored my faith in the faculty staff. Hats off to Mr Module Leader, who has wonderfully educated many of us today. Yes I sound like a teacher’s pet, but that’s allowed at University. Who are you laughing at? I take this seriously, get outta here! No but all joking aside, expect a post or a cabinet item dedicated to today’s lecture, I am enlightened!

Overlooking those perilous assignments that I faced head on I have to conclude that this week has been extremely promising (whilst being so hectic I had roughly two hours of free time a day in which to wash, eat and communicate… Or purchase a modest lager with a colleague before heading back into the fires of academia!). I am tired and on the brink of some ailment that has befallen me, yet I am eager for the next week of University madness. This weekend will consist of preparation for the next week, spending a little down time with my side project work, a few bits and bobs for the Blog here and there, and of course consuming copious amounts of tomato soup: If it is one thing I have learnt it is that plain old tomato soup is a miracle cure to imminent illness, or it will at least buy you a few extra days before you fall flat on your face! Until next time, this is NoobyTendencies wishing you a good Friday evening off, and a good weekend!


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