Catching up with some American television.

Love it or hate it, sometimes you gotta hand it to the American television studios. They may be a shallow bunch of soul sucking fat cats from time to time (I’m paraphrasing Family Guy! Honest!) but when they get a production right they really hit the nail on the head. Today I found the time to watch a few episodes of American television here and there, and I forgot how much I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t possibly choose American television over British (and vice versa), but there is something about it which is so intriguing- something that draws me to watch on. Maybe it’s the high budgets, or maybe its a subtle difference in the writing style and humour, perhaps it’s because we have all been raised on a steady diet of American cultural products. I’m still figuring out why…

Being a zombie nerd I have become totally hooked on AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. It’s no wonder when you think about it; with hundreds of cheesy zombie flicks to choose from its hard to find something with character development, clever writing and above all realistic situations. ‘The Walking Dead’ is everything a fan could possibly want, it does the zombie genre proud. I am currently making my way through the second series, and have just got to the halfway mark: An explosive point the series, with a few emotional twists thrown in for perfect effect. Once again I have been left in total amazement, and I think I can generally say I am more impressed by this series than anything else the American studios have thrown out there, even (dare I say it) ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Well only a little bit more impressed, but still enough to call it a favourite amongst favourites.

With all that being said and done I would also like to praise the latest series released by the Fox network, ‘New Girl’. Starring Zooey Deschanel as Jess – a childish young woman who has moved in with a rather dysfunctional trio of guys after a break-up. Yes it sounds like the cliché churn out of Fox sitcoms, but it is very entertaining: something about it is fresh, and hilarious. I finished watching the pilot episode earlier and found myself smiling all the way through it. Check it out for yourself if you enjoy shows like ‘How I met Your Mother’ or ‘Friends’.

We seem to like the same established stuff, just with a little variety in the character’s flavours. So what if it isn’t original! You have to ask yourself, what is these days? And the answer is (to quote Wheezy Waiter) nothing; nothing is original any-more, except the Pringle man’s moustache.


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