Oh boredom, the source of my blunt misery, and the reason for this blog post. I write this in a different house house- around ten to nine in the evening, and what an evening it is, bitter cold, dark and wet. Civilization as I know it has come to a gut heaving stop, well it may as well with my lack of a ‘plan of action’ for tonight and no Internet. Yes that’s right, no Internet; the savior of social ineptitude, companion to the idle, and enemy (and ally!) to the productive, and I have been left without it. With the risk of sounding melodramatic I am forsaken: We all are, broadly speaking temporarily abandoned whenever someone turns out that high speed information highway of a lightbulb.  Everything becomes oh so much more desolate, pointless and above all, laborious (and don’t tell me you haven’t felt this way before, if you use the Internet then you know what I am talking about).

I sit in a stagnating abyss of uselessness, staring into a void of redundant television programs, with my siblings in complete and totally merciless control of the remote. All the while my mind is dangerously running away with itself imagining all the possible experiences I could very well be missing out on as I fester in a comfy chair. I want to do something about it but I can’t, the clock is moving slowly and it feels like I have been here for an eternity, yet I notice it hastily ticking away: Truly this is a miserable paradox to be confined by.

I foolishly look upon this as a ‘Captain’s Log’ or a message in a bottle. This will be posted after it has been typed up, and you will read it way after this has all happened anyway. The Internet will have gracefully returned to my life, and things will move on. However there will always be a part of me that was left behind in that incarcerating moment of absolute terror, like a scream that can’t be heard through the static. Oh wait, “Reconnecting…”

I have gone from a “Colon Slash”, to a “Colon D”


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Recently graduated from Coventry University BaHons First-Class Media & Communications Complete with a year of studies overseas (Karlstads Universitet, Sweden) Experienced content creator, videography, photography & graphics. For more information contact Ask for a digital copy of my portfolio!

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