A review of my first week at home.

It’s always a little strange when you come home after being away for a long time, I find my self still adjusting to the more relaxed but at the same time much more welcoming life I left behind in September. So it hasn’t been years and years of absence; I haven’t found myself on a desert island, making friends with a bloodied football (and calling it “Wilson!”), but it’s still quite a big deal for me personally…

I realise I take living in the countryside for granted, returning home makes me take in the fresh, natural and above all scenic surroundings of rural England, epsecially when I compare it to life on campus. Things move slower here, but I appreciate that. Even after spending a week rushing around doing errands and sorting myself out for the next term return (and Christmas of course) I have found the time to be plentiful and generous, not slipping through my hands like sand.

At first it was strange, lovely but strange. I came home and found everything unchanged (it sounds silly but a few months of different surroundings and busy occupation makes you forget how things were), but with so much to do and so little time I found my self totally pre-occupied with little time to settle back in. I am yet to have a day with nothing on the agenda, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every time I am in town I feel constantly surrounded with faces I vaguely recognise, like I’m walking in a crowded ghost town. It’s quite hard to fully describe what I am experiencing, call it being back in a small town with the same people, or call it over-reaction (I find it strange either way). Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, perhaps I’m just tired, but there has been days that have lingered on too much (this is not the fault of anyone in particular I might add), and the ‘spur of the moment’ ethos has made it all rather surreal. One day I am in some pub in the middle of nowhere with a group of upper class game keepers talking pretense and sipping cheap beer, then the next day I am eating a bacon sandwich in a coffee shop in Newport with a few friends. It’s good to just do things without hesitation, but sometimes you regret it (you just have to take a gamble). Overall I have loved my week home so far, family and friends have been the best gift this Christmas, I look to the new year, and what it will bring. Soon it will be time to return to life in Coventry, return to the flat out work I left. I’m rested and I’m ready, ready enough to make a bit of a headstart. I have a camera now too (Thanks mum!!!) so I will be uploading vlogs on a regular basis soon! (no excuses now!).

To everyone who reads this out there, I hope you have had a great holiday so far and I sincerely wish you well into the new year that we are soon to enter. This is ‘NoobyTendencies’ signing off for now…


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Recently graduated from Coventry University BaHons First-Class Media & Communications Complete with a year of studies overseas (Karlstads Universitet, Sweden) Experienced content creator, videography, photography & graphics. For more information contact cyclonerepublic@gmail.com Ask for a digital copy of my portfolio!

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