Music assessments, coursework feedback and World War 3, gotta love Mondays…

It’s been a little too much today. Started the day with a relaxing jam session in the studios with some music performance students, and then before I know it I am thrust into a classroom, put behind a drum kit and made to perform Queen covers in front of a class, I did not realise that this was an actual module assessment, which I apparently had just become a part of.

That was nerve racking, but I think I pulled it off. Shortly after getting back to accommodation I got my coursework results, I won’t disclose the results on here but I realise it wasn’t too bad for a first attempt, however next time I will have to push a little further. So the day continues, and getting up earlier than I would have liked has had something of an adverse effect on my body clock, I’m hanging by a thread, and not even a total flushout of caffeine is enough to keep me focussed. Then, suddenly I am told to check the news online and BOOM, now I’m awake.

In the recent Iran/US crisis China has stated that it will back Iran’s cause for nuclear weapons, and will defend it against the Western sanctions, even if that (and I quote) takes us into World War Three. Yeah,  the WMD rubbish and a very fishy story about the CIA drone that was downed in Iran has quite possibly become the spark for a global nuclear conflict. Does Harold Camping have anything to say? I really hope not, I think this media hype has caused enough panic without a few crackpots jumping onto the band wagon to make it worse.

Before we all give up on life, invest in ‘luxury bunkers’ and move to Australia lets look at the logic here. The more panic and bias portrayals in the media, the more the public sides with the intentions of the government, making impulsive actions such as an invasion or nuclear strike much more justified. Its like a self-fulfilling prophecy; and this is being used to the advantage of those in power, who would love to get a little more strategic control of the earth’s oil and gas reserves (over 60% of the remaining reserves lying in the Middle East). I very much doubt Iran or North Korea (who are also apparently working on nuclear weapons capable of hitting the US) would ever launch these missiles, it would be suicide, genocide and xenocide (as they know it would trigger everyone else to panic launch): It is much more likely that they are requestioning these resources as a sign that they too have some power, so they can have a say in world affairs and gain a little more respect along the way (that’s what superpowers strive for), perhaps Iran is fed up with being looked down on by countries with nuclear capabilities, and wants to sit at the ‘adults table’, or perhaps they are sick of being the only ones with a gun pointed to their head (when I say this I am referring to the nuclear sites in Italy, Israel and Turkey that are aimed directly at Iran, as if they are waiting for them to slip up).

When you take a step back you realise that no nation is without it’s faults, no country has a right over another, yet we demonise one another like we are in the right. Sad times we live in…

So yeah, pretty tiresome Monday.



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2 responses to “Music assessments, coursework feedback and World War 3, gotta love Mondays…”

  1. Mandy says :

    lol, and its only monday!!! it can only get better ………………pretty subjective view on the nuclear who has the biggest cock appeal….one which I whole heartedley have to agree on……fact is waving the biggest stick at the next tribe on a quest for power is sadly, mans eternal past time, it will never change…Ours is not to question why eh…….. just looking forward to Christmas with my son and all my family united…..the world and its aunties can go screw till then!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. philosophy paper says :

    very interesting article! I will follow your themes.
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