That did it, Misfits is officially awesome.

After watching last night’s Misfits episode I have decided that it is without a doubt my favourite television series, followed by Band of Brothers and Platoon of Power Squadron, but I also think it is one of the most well written series ever made.

A fantastic combination of character development and more narrative strands than you could shake a stick at, Misfits follows a group of young offenders as they  develop super powers after being hit by a storm; it’s all done with a very British slant, making it a clever, funny and at times gritty rendition of American superhero fiction.

The first two series were incredible, leaving you on the edge of your seat and restless for the next episode. The writing in it is genius, and the characters are perfectly cast. And despite the border-lining ridiculous superpowers, probation worker murder and crazy episodic obstacles that seem to line up to take pot shots at the protagonists I am still left wanting more, without a single bad thing to say about the series as a whole, in fact the less realistic it gets the more logical and believable it becomes, which doesn’t even make any sense!

I have to admit that after watching the third series I have been utterly blown away, they have done it once again- even with alternative universe Nazis and zombie cheerleaders I have been totally sucked in, totally and unquestionably in love with the universe they have created.

Ingeniously making subtle references to Shaun of The Dead and Dawn of the Dead in the latest episode whilst implementing zombies and humour into the melting pot of a storyline, Misfits just raised the bar. Howard Overman is a genius, truly inspiring stuff, I wish I could write a series like he could…


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