There’s a first for everything, and tonight I ducked out of a night of friends, booze and crowded nightclubs. You may ask why, and I would have to say there comes a time in every student’s life when they just aren’t ‘feeling it’ whatsoever. It is largely inexplicable, maybe I was not drunk enough, maybe I was not on the same wave length as everyone else, either way I could see what was going to happen; you spend too much, you drink too much, you get sick and you regret it. Yes this is a normal night out for most people, but when you are not ‘feeling it’ it is quite a different experience – one to best avoid whenever possible.

I played an observer role in the pre drinking, peering into the rapidly desensitising interactions and flirtations of former flatmates as they transgress into a totally new persona, one of voided foresight, and misunderstanding consequence. As the minutes pass the threshold between you and ‘them’ grows exponentially, and the cheap alcohol we impulsively purchased becomes a dreaded supplement to sociable existence; with each swig comes a sharp and stomach turning flashback, to the night I was violently sick on the very same substance. Yes the drink became my enemy, and I had become a spectator in my own activity. Now and again someone will look at you oddly, and raise the question “Are you okay?” and I just reply, “Yeah I’m fine, perhaps a little drowsy.” By this point the outcome of the night is inevitably foretold; him and her will get together, ‘him’ and ‘him’ will have a fight, ‘he’ disappears with another group and ‘she’ will be taken away through pretentious chit chat, ending up with a number of questionable characters, whom she denies sleeping with over the next month. To quote John Mayer it really is ‘Slow dancing in a burning room’, you know how the story ends, yet you sit in the middle of it with an indifferent grimace written all over yourself.

Most people find themselves ‘ducking-out’ once or twice, to avoid a predictable night of ever increasing aggravation and money loss. When the ‘vibe’ is set the entire path is written out, we all know if it will be good or bad from the word go, but either way we linger in the moment, like an animal in the headlights of a car. No one will know if you leave, by now they are all too drunk- just tell them you’ll be back soon, or you have ‘forgotten something’. Easier than I thought…

I ducked out, for the first time. My only regret is having that to duck out of, this night wasn’t meant to be…

Perhaps I ramble, I am after all a tipsy student, on the verge of sentimentality…



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