The Death of Productivity

Call it what you want, ‘The King of time killing’, ‘The prime procrastinator’, ‘The anti-boredom barrage’ – okay I’ll stop with the cheesy names now. Yes I am talking about the games console, that wonderfully devilish little Pandora’s box of entertainment, a big cause of writer’s block, and an even bigger threat to the revising student. It is so simple to push the button, sit back in a comfy chair and tell yourself “okay half an hour then back to work.” Before you know it four hours have passed and you are in the most intense final boss battle of your life; you have to possess an inhuman amount of willpower to break out of the virtual playground, and back into the seemingly much less entertaining, much more laborious world of real work, and real studying.

I will be the first to put my hand up and say “I have lost a day or two to the awesome power of Microsoft and Sony.” It’s good to have some time to unwind, but sometimes its just a little too tempting to drop whatever task you are currently occupying yourself with, and shoot up some aliens on Halo 3.  Especially now my modules for this year are finished, it’s more tempting than ever, regardless of my personal tasks, such as keeping up to date with the Blog, or continue working on my projects, or even get up at a normal time to get some Christmas shopping or productively spend the day. When you are counting down the days to Christmas and feel like you need to lose a few days fast, fire up the games console. But be warned! The longer you play for, the harder it is to pull yourself out of the fantasy and become a productive member of Society (or University) again…

Look to your own personal goals fellow students, look towards the future, and remember you still have a lot of work to do, even if the modules are done! Keep busy, and keep writing!

That’s all for now, I’m off to be a hypocrite…


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