Clarkson, truly harsh or harshly true???

We all know Jeremy Clarkson is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to saying what’s on your mind; the man is oblivious to who he insults and who sues him (and believe me, he has been sued a lot). He has come close to losing his job and burying ‘Top Gear’ so many times I dare not count, so why does he persist with his opinionated and often ‘politically incorrect’ assertions on life and current issues?

In the latest controversy he slammed Public sector workers who went out on national strike last week, and before the consequences of his actions had settled he claimed those who commit suicide by jumping onto train tracks where ‘selfish’. Naturally he has been slammed nationally by a variety of organisations, but is there some confused sense of truth in his statements? Especially when you consider how many other people are effected or even harmed by such a desperate suicidal act. He words it terribly, but perhaps his points are essentially sound… Sometimes anyway.

You have to hand it to him, the man is fearless when it comes to press allegations and public reception, but perhaps that is an admirable quality to possess, especially when we live in a time of media hyped bureaucratic hypocrisy.


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