The seed is planted…

I have found quite a few cases of racism and general cruelty popping up since that ever so impolite woman (who has now been arrested) made those rather unpleasant comments about ethnic minorities, it is as if the seed of cruelty has been planted, and the delinquents of society have plucked up the courage to step up and make their vulgar stamp on the internet one by one…

There were a number of women who have trended since the original ‘tram experience’ who equally have something mean to say about immigrants and ‘non-British’. There are plenty of racist videos freely circulating on YouTube, this recent explosive video have shed brought some light to a darker side of YouTube Maybe they want some of the infamy too…

There was also a particularly distressing upload of a man feeding a kitten in a Christmas hat to a Python. I did not know how to react to this, it was extremely distressing to watch, as I have a couple of family cats at home whom we all dearly love. You can argue that it is ‘natural’ for a snake to eat a smaller animal, but the predetermined nature of this act was just sick. The fact that this was uploaded as a ‘christmas’ video, open for kids to watch just shows how thoughtless and morbid some people can be. And it’s the selfish, indifference of people that has led to atrocities throughout history- be them large or small, and it makes me ashamed of humanity…

People have serious issues, it’s surprising how twisted a mind can be…


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2 responses to “The seed is planted…”

  1. Mandy says :

    nothing changes, mankind has always been sick, as I said before the ‘web’ is just a new and general way of displaying it…………a worlds eye veiw of societies mind!

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