The ‘Trams’ of Britain…

I came home after a long day, made a cuppa and sat down to get a little bit of work done, When a friend of mine phoned me with a rather dire sense of shock in his voice. He told me to open YouTube and simply look at the ‘trending’ videos, or the most viewed in most of the categories. I scrolled down and soon enough found one resurgent video, which had amassed a staggering two and a half million views in just over two days. The video was entitled ‘My Tram Experience’, in which a white woman in her thirties essentially spat racial obscenities towards everyone who was of mixed ethnic descent within the confines of  a London public transport. It was… well it was just shocking, I can’t really describe it word for word, just watch it here

Well after watching that I thought to myself, “Was that actually real? Can people really hold that kind of a grudge with their fellow Britons?” It was a totally uneducated attack on the mixed race residents of Britain, and it was totally unjustified.

It’s also illegal, not only were her actions a qualified civil disturbance, but they were also a racial attack that could (and should) have left her behind bars. People are so stupid they make me sick, taking little bits of so called fact from already slanted and biased media sources and then using them as justifiable information for their arguments.

Whilst running the risk of sounding stupid I think nearly all ethnic minorities are poorly represented in Britain. And I think it’s the fault of the mass media, they have this god-awful habit of showing the ‘bad bits’ to sell a story and get their readers riled up for nothing. To this day I question who thought it was a good idea to perpetuate stereotypes and grudges against other races (or classes for that matter). People claim multiculturalism has failed in Britain, it’s only because people allow themselves to get swept away with the false information the ‘sewer stream media’ injects into our homes.

Then again it isn’t just multiculturalism, its the student/youth population too. Ever since the largely peaceful protests against the tuition fees the Daily Mail readers (the name I have decided to give to those whose snobbery grows out of pretentious class divides and ‘elite’ readership) look at students (in particular) with contempt. A handful of trouble makers and now students are hated… I’m not over exaggerating, you should see the amount of dirty looks I get when me and my friends stroll into a ‘local’ area in Coventry (or anywhere for that matter).

I’m going to end this post here, because otherwise I will say something that I shouldn’t. People, are in many cases the problem- and that sucks. Maybe one day there will be a better sense of unity in this country, or maybe it’s too late…

Claude Levi-Strauss once said “The world began without man, and it will end without him” Maybe its just as well…


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