There was quite a few articles on the supposedly mystical date yesterday. Scientists and mysticism enthusiasts alike tried to explain what this ‘once a century’ event means, and what it is doing for the world we live in (whether it is symbolic, historical or religious).  I don’t want to even start thinking about what the numerology community is doing with the date, perhaps proclaiming some ‘sign of a great arbitrary apocalypse’. I don’t know, but I’m surprised Harold Camping didn’t have something ridiculous to say!

I think for the kids the biggest thing about yesterday was it was the release date for the new Elder Scrolls game ‘Skyrim’, which is a sad thing indeed, probably the sign that the youth of today are now furthest from their roots of British heritage. I wonder how many school kids even held a two minute silence, and if they did were they even thinking about their ancestors who sacrificed everything for the chance to keep us safe? I doubt it, sadly enough.

I totally forgot about ‘Skyrim’, I totally forgot about the mystical day of numerical alignment, but I did not forget those who died for their countries and their people. RIP x


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