Too busy right now

It’s been a crazy weekend, and I am up to my neck in work. Just a heads up to those of you who check out my blog – there won’t be a lot going up for a little while, at least untill my group work is sorted out and I make headway with this coursework. I will try to add a cabinet item soon however.

A brief overview of the past week…

  • I put together the presentation (once again) for amhadra, and it went really well (I was up until half two in the morning working on it)
  • I have been stressed out by the key concepts group work, I don’t understand at all what the group is doing.
  • I don’t understand what is being asked of us for the next piece of work for Friday, but I will probably be the one who gets it done…
  • My coursework still awaits, however I have undergone some research.
  • I realise my timetable is going to have a bit of a change next week, I need to remember when and where.
  • I submitted my piece of Christopher Doyle for the newsletter, and I was profiled for this week.
  • Made some new friends after the international party.
  • I’m starting to question my add-vantage scheme.
What new things have I learned?
  • Never question a good night’s sleep, will power is everything.
  • Last-fm is totally underrated.
  • I have a little too much on my plate: I don’t have time for anything else and that will be strained as my friendship circle expands.
  • I suffer whenever I let my foot off the pedal just a tiny bit, possibly as a result of setting off in full throttle.
  • I have the strangest dreams…

Until then…


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