I had a dream…

So I have just finished writing and compiling my group’s presentation, and had an interesting meeting with the CUEAFS writers. The time is half past two in the morning- times are hard but promising. A friend of a friend claims I am stressed out, I assured her I was fine, and she replied “it can be subconscious. You wouldn’t even realise it, ever thought why you have been getting ill a lot lately?”

That’s definitely got me thinking, especially after the dream I had the other night.

I was on a coach trip from Coventry all the way to Hereford. I drove past familiar faces walking on familiar streets, but no-one recognised or noticed me. I went further and found my sisters at school, I went to leave a message with them; I could not find them, they saw me but did not acknowledge me… I went home, and there were new faces everywhere- I didn’t know where I was any-more (it felt like a crazy night out or something). Old friends would get on and off the coach and never notice me, until I returned to Coventry [when I wake up to my alarm].

I don’t think I am homesick, I don’t have time to be…

Anyway, that’s enough personal stuff from me! I’m honestly fine, we all have strange dreams O_o

Time for sleep, I’m leading a presentation tomorrow.


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Recently graduated from Coventry University BaHons First-Class Media & Communications Complete with a year of studies overseas (Karlstads Universitet, Sweden) Experienced content creator, videography, photography & graphics. For more information contact cyclonerepublic@gmail.com Ask for a digital copy of my portfolio!

2 responses to “I had a dream…”

  1. Mandy says :

    You are working hard son, admirable and I am proud of you! but all work and no play you know how it goes……..
    I realise you are busy and filling your time with work and learning, but you do need to sleep, eat and chill!!!!!
    Tortoise and the hare, dont burn out before the race is done. We are comming up to see you next weekend 5th November (Bears Birthday lol) so keep some time aside for a family squish and some apple pie, hang on in there
    we love you son xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Mandy says :

    Not relevant to above but wanted to send you this link. I know this dude is new and on the music scene but gotta love his talent adam

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