Another month down.

Wow, these really are flying by at an exponential rate. I’ve been so caught up in the moment that I’ve lost a part of my former self, if you will. The patient writer, the static thinker, the philosophical ranter, he has been left by the wayside and given way to a new individual. An impulsive tinkerer of sorts, who fraternizes with the present. I’ve seen the capital, I’ve seen the sunset on an ocean, and I’ve grown to treat my camera like my closest companion. I have to be careful not to lose sight of everything else that is in front of me, including my limits and time. I know I should be doing more than a post a month, but it feels like all I can handle right now. I reflect in different ways since I’ve been here.

It’s starting to get cold here, people are withdrawing a lot more, you can see it. Fall will soon be usurped by a blistering cold winter. The sun doesn’t show his face much anymore.




Louder than words

Another leap forward, this time by a month. A month of living in Sweden has passed me by without hesitation; though I cannot say the same for those I have left back in England, the time is slipping by alarmingly fast, and it leaves me tired.
I have not bothered to write about my endeavours here, there is far too much to list. Instead, I have taken to practice photography – in particular, travel photography. An image can be worth a thousand words, so it’s only logical to opt for the practical, at least in my eyes anyway.
As my collection of photos grow, so does my confidence with a camera; I’m beginning to understand the elusive lessons from film theory,  back home. ‘Kino Eye’, seeing the world through an unobstructed machine’s eye, is both something I can identify with and call into question. I doubt the truth of a camera’s observation, yet I feel it still portrays something of our own true colours…
I digress, with September coming to a swift close I realise I ought to be doing something more with my time other than clocking in and letting it pass. I haven’t even began to read through my exchange assignment, though from what I understand it is little more than a journal of one’s experiences. Perhaps photos will suffice, but should this prove inefficient, I shall return to the realm of the written word. It’s been a long time, here’s hoping there’s still something there when I get back into the swing of things.
I promised some sort of concrete agenda in the previous post, but this is proving to be more troublesome than I originally anticipated. Give me some more time, fellow friends and readers. I’ll figure something out, preferably before I start to freeze.
Until next time…

Months unaccounted for

Flashing forward, four months unaccounted for…

By digital standards this gap would be easily considered as a crippling shift between then and now; a black smudge on the page of a writer’s collective works which has devalued the time leading up to the present. It’s not so much a case of ‘time well spent’ but more ‘time unrecognised’. Similar to a recovering amnesia patient, I must recall my past experiences in the hope that I find something worthwhile within it.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid of the readership, it’s been a long time. I’m scared I’m going to fuck things up: I’m scared I’ll realise something terrible, that my creativity and my ability to express a thought in words is gone, and all that’s left behind is a bitter notion of what could have been as opposed to what really is: I’m afraid that I’m going to bombard you with so much literary pretense that you’ll find me laughable. Perhaps upon a quick scan you’ll confirm my latent uncertainty, as you regret choosing an anonymous note over an extra minute with your coffee. It’s probably gone cold, my condolences.

Certain events have led to a change of circumstances in my life. For instance, I’m typing this post in a library located in Värmlands, Sweden. For the next nine months I will be a full-time student of Karlstad Universitet, as a part of the ERASMUS exchange programme.

New settings

But more about that later, I need to decide whether I backtrack or start fresh, the latter is somewhat appealing.

But seeing as I no longer reside in Coventry, this domain may be somewhat problematic. I’ll get back to you with a decision later.

It’s good to be back.


Running out of time

One in the morning, I can’t sleep. After several weeks of violently irregular sleep patterns, eating patterns and mood swings (I wouldn’t hesitate to attribute them to my final coursework submission of the year) I am yet to feel any relief. As a matter of fact, I’m more pensive than ever: Now that I have officially finished my second year’s studies, I have a limited window in which I must fulfill a number of personal objectives, crucial ‘to-dos’ that cannot be left before I finally close the book on Coventry for a year.

Cyclone, obviously, will be taking the bulk of my attention now. I need to make sure it continues to operate in my absence, when I move to Sweden I’ll be leaving it in the hands of my friends and colleagues, should they choose to accept. And of course, I have to book my flights, make sure I have everything I need, etc. When I think about it, I really don’t have a lot of time left: I just hope I can get the closure I need before moving on, I’m going to miss people.

Melodrama aside, it’s going to be a bloody exciting couple of weeks.

The ups and downs of being a professional

I really don’t see myself a student any more. The big media moguls (in all of their infinite wisdom) have destroyed the reputation of the student with countless smear campaigns and false representations. Granted, some of it is true, but the fact remains that the surprisingly large portion of us who are left wearing a stigma can’t help but feel a little at odds with the world. 201MC was this year’s unofficial work experience period, a time when we are left to our own devices for, well a very long time. It’s over now, we’re finishing the year with a wonderfully vague group assignment, whilst I continue to push with my ‘self guided placement’, Cyclone. I don’t see the point in waiting until I graduate to start looking for work in the media, as a matter of fact that would be idiotic. I hope to have a substantial portfolio of connections and work history compiled before I throw the silly square hat in the air (do they even do that or is it urban myth?), so it’s nothing more than a continuation of what I’m already doing, bar the lectures.

Day two.Still001homegrown cover2foodnotbombs.Still001

It makes sense in my mind to treat everything I do outside of studies as my career now. Whether I’m producing video content for a record label’s promotion or writing an article for a friend’s project, if I call myself a student, I’m dooming myself to the realm of public ignorance. I’ve found that the people I’ve been producing for turn people down on the basis that they are a student, without so much as a second thought. I’ve been lucky so far, swiping work and connections, and proving my worth in the process, but it’s an uphill battle, one which I have to live as both a student and a self-employed producer.

God forbid the two ever meet.

You could say this makes life a little bit more complicated, but I guess it’s character building, I’m learning the tricks of the trade whilst I embark on my career a little earlier than expected. I’m doing things whilst I still don’t have to worry so much about money, and things of that nature. Of course I still worry about nature, I don’t have a lot of it, but at least as a student I get support. This isn’t a sympathy post, I’m just trying to highlight the difficulties of media work from my recent experiences: Not only do you have to ‘be in the know’ to be in the know, you can’t be a student, but if you aren’t a student you have to charge for what you do to support yourself, and no-one wants to know about you either way, unless of course you’ve got a portfolio the size of Jamaica and the funds to back it. It always comes down to money. I think 201MC has taught me that fate smiles upon the rich, not the talented, and without trying to sound like a pessimist, I see why people are so eager to jump onto the corporate band wagon, it’s so safe and comfortable.

Except it isn’t.

Cyclone is showing me what can be done when like-minded individuals put their heads together and decide to stand by fair trade ethics and community spirit. I’m amazed at the response I’ve been getting since it all kicked off a couple of months ago, I know there’s still a long way to go, but I like to think this is a career in the making. I still haven’t learned from all of my mistakes, I’m still my own worse enemy. Having sacrificed the entire of my Easter break to keep working on my project, and not remembering the last time I took a break, my body is at its absolute limit. The stress has made me weak at times, with the emotional continuity of a flickering light-bulb, I think people around me have noticed the cracks a little, I’m definitely not as healthy as I was before this period of ‘professional experience’. I was talking to one of my newly gained contacts, and after a very helpful feedback session about the work we’d done together I explained that I had been doing it (recently anyway) independently, running the business side as well as the production, and I’ve had to learn both trades in a couple of months. She sympathised, having embarked upon a similar path. She advised me to be careful about who I trust, but more importantly to listen to myself. When you need to take a break, you have to take a break, if the people you work with don’t understand that then you shouldn’t be working with them in the first place.

I guess I’ll take a break soon, I’ll ‘reward myself’ with more hours in the morning and a little more social time. I’ll be worse off without it. That being said, I’ve got a lot to sort out before the  semester is out. With my exchange coming around pretty quickly I need to think about planning some contingencies for those who will be working on Cyclone whilst I’m in Sweden. I’m telling myself I’ll take a break, but I know I’ll be bringing my work with me.

Thinking About Cyclone.

Well, I wanted to keep this video a secret until it was unveiled to the rest of the class, but I recently found out that this won’t actually be used at all for the presentations. After all that editing! Oh well, I’ll share it on here instead. I had to put together a reflective video, during which I discuss my experience on my self guided placement, what I learned and what I struggled with. Standard procedure, but it delves into Cyclone quite a bit. If you’d like to learn a little bit about the ‘behind the scenes’ progression, and Cyclone’s relationship with my course studies, then watch the video below!

This is what boredom looks like

Folks, take a good look: This isn’t some photographic representation of a pensive mentality, this isn’t an aesthetic reflection of one’s colourless apathetic condition, this isn’t a nod to the monotonous  modernist conundrum and the clashes of minimalism either. This is boredom.

This is boredom

I shouldn’t be bored, god forbid if any of my peers read this. It’s as though all of a sudden I feel too relaxed, as though there was never a burden in the first place. Where’s the pressure gone? Even if it’s a temporary break in an otherwise busy mind-set, I don’t like. It’s too quiet.

Having my schedule clear up today has done nothing but given me more time to sit and do nothing, obviously there’s plenty of things I could be doing right now other than typing this pointless post, but why should I?

The passing week has been a violent blur of activity, jumping from one task to the other, whilst the world around me doesn’t seem to be moving very much at all. Am I going too fast? Should I slow down? I don’t think so, I don’t think I know how.

And just to prove that I am actually doing stuff, I’ll mention it for the millionth time, Cyclone. I’m tempted to put our current logo on my blog, as a sort of permalink to the dedicated blog. I’ve just released a video I spent last night cutting up and putting back together, much like a jig-saw. ‘CIA’, an apparently famous Romanian hip-hop group, played at Platinum as a part of their UK tour, I was there with a couple of others to film it, and after that I had the joy of post-production duty. It’s not a problem though, I find editing to be a very cathartic process, sitting and watching the picture come together, it’s no different to a painter who fills their canvas, or a bricklayer as he builds a house from the ground up. At least in my mind it is…

The finished product looked rather professional I must say, maybe I should start charging for this kind of thing? You know what they say, don’t ever do something you’re good at for free. What a cruel world.

Why is it so quiet today? Is Coventry playing with my mind? Where has the traffic gone?

I wish it was raining.


Woah, working in a nightclub really takes it out of you, last night myself and a few others were shooting a video inside Coventry’s Platinum nightclub, which turned out to be a very stressful night indeed. Between one of our photographers getting poached by another nightclub and our equipment struggling to handle the low light we also realised that the event (that had been planned and anticipated by the community for well over a month) turned out to be the opposite of what everyone expected…

From nine thirty in the evening to roughly half two in the morning we were roaming with our cameras, desperately trying to capture a few good-looking shots without the dreaded image noise. We had mixed results, you’ll see for yourself soon enough once I turn the footage around. That is, if I don’t fall asleep on the job first, YAWN!

But in other news, I have finally documented twenty days worth of experience for my professional enhancement module, my personal Cyclone blog has now passed the minimum requirement with plenty more to go, so I can now reveal my project! Head on over to and have a look around, all the relevant information can be found there. On top of this I will be releasing a video presentation, reflecting on my experience as the founder and director of the group, so stay tuned for that.

That’s it for now, have a good one!

Spur of the moment participation.

Time is running out, it always is. There’s never enough of it when you really need it, and a surplus when you don’t. It seems the world is not without a sense of irony. The deadline for a very important course module looms with but a week or so standing between me and the end, perhaps I sound melodramatic, but after more than a month of independently organised professional work I can’t help but feel apprehensive. I’ve been withdrawn from the world, wholly devoted to a creation that has snowballed itself into existence with the support of my peers, Cyclone. I mention the name here and there, this will be to you (as much as it still is to me), an enigma. A concept or notion that I felt fitting for a social enterprise gained mutual interest, and before I knew it became what it is today. I insist on keeping you fine readers in the dark about it, until now. Why keep things a secret? Who knows, you might be interested in it too.

For now we are a media production group, a coalition of writers, photographers, film-makers and thinkers; we are focussing on promoting and investigating the world of unsigned music, however we have plans to go above and beyond in the near future.

Here’s a sneak preview of our documentary, ‘Window Shopping’. A recent interview with an acoustic punk, Huffy, who will feature in the full release.

But enough Cyclone talk for now, on to the title. Despite having very little free time these days, I found myself joining a focus group in the heat of the moment. The gathering was to discuss a new product for students, called the ‘Gecko Pad’. Due to the nature of the product (and its delicate pre-production state) I cannot reveal too much information about it, however I will say that it is an interesting premise, one that could find its way into many institutions if pushed in the right direction.

I sat for some time, listening to the discussion of the product, not to mention the thoughts and opinions of others in the room, before opening up too. I think they were surprised by my responses, they were a little ‘different’ to those that had been heard already. I chose to not reveal my experience as a student with experience in entrepreneurial ventures, and instead played the situation. By the end of the three-hour discussion I had turned the conversational dynamics around to my favour, leaving the product developers hanging on my every word. It felt good, it reminded me of my professional confidence, something that had taken a few bruises over the past month or so. A refreshing change of pace, one that I am thankful for experiencing.

It’s the day after my spur of the moment participation, and that revived confidence is yet to leave my side. I sit outside Costa’s typing this in the sunshine as I wait for my day to truly begin. It’s another big job for Cyclone, I’ll be leading a crew of photographers and videographers at a night-club shoot, as part of our efforts to spread our professional reputation. The equipment is almost ready to collect, won’t be long now.

It will be interesting to find out if I’m living under a placebo effect, or if I’m back up to full speed.

Fired up on a Monday

Technically it’s a Tuesday now, but who cares? You know there’s nothing better than getting back into the swing of things, getting back on the proverbial horse. For me, a student whose future career depends on what I do now, it is a relieving time. Once you’ve managed to overcome the tyranny of an idle mind you really do feel unstoppable, at least on paper anyway.

I admit, this is feeling like a rambling post already. I’m blogging for the sake of blogging, you say? Perhaps, but with good reason. Preparations are underway to reveal the Cyclone project to my lecturers, the culmination of my professional experience: As opposed to embarking on a painstaking search for potentially monotonous work experience placements in obscure companies I decided to make my own, more or less.

Cyclone is a beta-test for a collection of projects that I have rambled on about ominously for the past two years, the fundamentals behind it are simple – by establishing a platform for creatives to come together and work under I address the ‘it’s who you know’ issue, allowing me to source talent and resources for future endeavors, whilst networking with like-minded individuals. Obviously that’s pretty thinking pretty big, so for now it’s taking a more humble form, promotions and publicity. By offering professional services free of charge, we have already made valuable connections and job offers (I say we because Cyclone gained a team in the process!). You may remember a long time ago, I mentioned ‘EnterSaturation’, well this is what it’s become.

There will be more information about this entity to come, I intend to bore you all about it, but for now I must continue back-dating it’s history onto a devoted Cyclone blog. In the meantime, check us out on facebook. Give us a like and stay in the loop, it would be hugely appreciated! 🙂

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